About Tehjay

My name is Jason Martin. I am an all around geek, nerd whatever you want to call me. This is an informational site all about me. A portal all about me. From here you can see all the different things I’ve worked on, sites I run, interests I have, etc, etc.

Currently I am an independent contractor. Previously I was employed as a Unix Systems Administrator for a VoIP company that went out of business. While I was there I deployed various servers running Linux. We had webservers, mysql servers, development servers, asterisk servers, backup servers, the whole shebang. I deployed network management software like OpenNMS and cacti, and a logging system using Splunk. The backup system was a simple bash script using rsync to do snapshots of each server, every night. I also maintained security on these servers.

Before that I was a support technician for a cable company that provided cable services, broadband internet and digital phone.

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