Review: Every Extend Extra

If you’re into games that you can just pick-up and play, this is the game for you. Created by Bandai, and developed by Q Entertainment, I would describe Every Extend Extra as an Action based Puzzle game. This game is amazing, with intense game play, spectacular graphics and effects, and a soundtrack that ties the whole experience together. If you were a fan of either Lumines 1 or 2, you will definitely want to pick this game up.

Game play is set to the beat of the music as you build up chains of explosions with the objects that float on-screen in the virtual world. The bosses require you to explode chains to defeat them. Some of the objects give you a quicken power-up that makes the chains appear on the screen faster, with more objects in each chain. Once you build up to the maximum value of the quicken power-up the game is running at 100% and can be pretty intense.

There are 4 modes of single player game play. Arcade, Caravan, Boss Attack, and Original. Arcade is the main mode of play. You progress through each stage unlocking them for play in caravan mode. In Caravan mode you choose levels to play that you have already unlocked in the Arcade mode. Boss Attack is exactly how it sounds, you skip each stage and head straight for the bosses. Original allows you to play the original version of Every Extend.

Networked mode only supports Ad-Hoc, meaning you can’t play over the internet, you have to be within range of the person you are playing against. However, Game sharing is supported and you can share a demo version of Every Extended Extra with your friends. Bonus!

Bonus: Every Extended Extra comes with the Lumines 2 demo. So if you haven’t checked that title out yet, here is your chance to check out the demo.


Category Score
Gameplay 9/10
Network 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Music/Sound 10/10
Total 9.3/10

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