Review: Frantix

If you were a fan of Chips Challenge, you will definitely enjoy Frantix for the PSP. Frantix offers more than 150 puzzles for to be solved. Each with power pick-ups, monsters, and an array of deadly traps. The game claims to be a puzzle adventure, but I think the only way this can be called an adventure is because of the theme of the art.

Basically you walk around a world that is based on an invisible grid. You use the objects around you to collect items from within the level, avoiding the monsters and traps.
The graphics in the game are alright, nothing spectacular, but they get the job done. I feel creativity is lacking in this section, everything just feels so bland.

I personally found the game to be very repetitive, and got bored with it after about 20 levels. You definitely have to be a fan of these types of puzzle games to really be into them.

In my opinion this game has no replay value, unless you want to master each level and set records with your times. Even though there were pick-ups, monsters, and traps, the game failed to excite me. I am a fan of puzzle games, but this one seemed to lack creativity.

I definitely did not enjoy this game. I would only recommend this game to people who were fans Chips Challenge.



Category Score
Gameplay 5/10
Graphics 6/10
Music/Sound 5/10
Total 5.3/10

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